Dust: An Elysian Tail Screen Shots and gameplay

T-Hill writes: I think today my mind has been officially blown away! Last year I got a chance to attend E3 and I don’t remember anyone talking about Dust An Elysian Tail and right about now you are probably think should we have. The answer to that is OH HELL TO THE YES!

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TheSuperior 2437d ago

Ive actually never heard of this but i might try it out after checking out these screens

Hayakuzima2437d ago

Never heard of this, but it's caught my attention.
Looks good.
Can't wait to hear more on this.

Rampaged Death2437d ago

It got announced at E3 2010 and caught my eye. Not heard or seen a thing about it until PAX. I totally forgot about it.

Cennus2437d ago

I completely forgot about this. This looks really awesome!

Dante1122437d ago

I'm interested. Looks pretty good.

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