Sony Consumer Electronics VP: too early to claim Blu-ray victory, Monday
January 7, 2007
By James Wells in Sydney and Matthew Henry in Las Vegas

In a press conference in Las Vegas today, Sony executive deputy president and global head of consumer electronics, Katsumi Ihara, said it is too early for Blu-ray to claim victory, and the battle with HD DVD will continue despite a major victory this week with Warner Bros deciding to drop HD DVD.

"It is too early to say we win, there is still competition in the marketplace," Ihara said at the press conference.

"So we have to develop competitive players and we have to give consumers new applications of BD. Strong PS3 sell-through helps penetration and this has been quite positive. But we need to make competitive players and expand BD to other products like Vaio.

"We are very pleased that Warner chose BD and if you look at Warner's statement the made the decision based on US customers' choice because BD out-sold HD DVD in Christmas. If you look at sell through it is something like seven-to-one or eight-to-one Blu-ray. US customers chose BD as the next disc format and now Warner has joined BD its share will increase significantly," Ihara said.

"We are in a better position but we still need to come up with the best products."

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ktchong3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Now that Sony stops claiming that Blu-ray has won, it's the time when they have actually won.

fury3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

It's strange, yes. But I think Blu-ray has already won. 2/3 (or even more) of all movies will be released on Blu-ray. When almost no movies appear on HD-DVD, the format will mercilessly fail.
In the course of 2008, both the sales of the ps3, the sales of standalone blu-ray players and Blu-ray movies will continuously rise.
And Universal will _have_ to go Blu-ray exclusive if they want to make any profit. Why should they stay HD-DVD exclusive if they can make the most profit out of Blu-ray movies?
they will go blu-exclusive I plight my word for that.

edit: lol @ the disagree. most likely from a HD-DVD supporter. cant accept the plain truth, eh? If you HD-DVD supporters really think HD-DVD could still pull anything off you must suffer a loss of reality. I feel your pain but I advise you to deal with it already.

CeruleanSky3934d ago

BluRay can't really claim final victory until Universal and Paramount officially drop HD-DVD for BluRay. It sounds like Paramount is poised to do so soon. Universal is supposed to be ramping up BluRay production.

TheTwelve3934d ago

Round Peg...haha...I have to agree with you there. Once Sony actually acts humble about something, you know they're not worried anymore.


IntelligentAj3934d ago

Agreed Peg. It's actually good to see them humble about something for a change.

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name3934d ago

Lmao that's a weird way to be arrogant.

gamesR4fun3934d ago

this whole modest thing their doing now much better than 'the next gen starts when we say it does' stuff they were spewing a couple years ago...

mistertwoturbo3934d ago

well it's some reality involved in it. yeah warner going to blu-ray is a hard blow. but it's not quite over yet. it's just a waiting game now for universal, toshiba, and paramount to go blu. i'm guessing by 2009 they might throw in the towel.

RonDeMuerte3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

I like it Sony.....keep it up..........even if it's pretty clear you've won......... I gotta say.....Sony is incredibly humble!!! haha

CeruleanSky3934d ago

It has nothing to do with humility. BluRay needs to tie up the remaining loose ends from their victory over HD-DVD and then move on to the real longterm battle against DVD and consumer HDTV adoption.

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The story is too old to be commented.