Details and Dates For Dragon Ball Z Kinect, One Piece: Pirate Warriors, TTT2, Dark Souls PC

Namco Bandai will be featuring a ton of games at this year’s Global Gamers Day Event in Las Vegas and those games include Tekken Tag Tournament, One Piece Pirate Warriors, Dragon Ball Z Kinect, and Dark Souls Prepare To Die Edition.

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kube002323d ago

More kinect stuff, this is good

TrendyGamers2323d ago

Hopefully it works better than KInect Star Wars.

kube002323d ago

Yea that would be great.

TrendyGamers2323d ago

As long as the Kamehameha is easy to perform, the game should be good.

GamePodunk2323d ago

That's the one move I'm hoping they get absolutely right.

BringingTheThunder2323d ago

weird that one piece is psn only.

TrendyGamers2323d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if they announce a retail version before the games release.

r212323d ago

one piece PW digital only? screw that, release a physical version.