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Project X Zone: First Screens and Artwork

Get a first look at Namco Bandai x Sega x Capcom (3DS, Project X Zone)

Credit url: andriasang.com
LX-General-Kaos  +   1018d ago
This is a beautiful work of art of a game. The type of game that fans worldwide have been pleading for for ages. All of the greats from 3 established developers, and a massive portion of the talent resting in Japan. Come together to create a mighty fine original Nintendo 3DS exclusive title. I have specifically asked the gaming gods for a Capcom x Sega crossover in the past. From the looks of things I have been granted my wish and then some. Luckily on my handheld of choice. This will likely set the bar very high as far as strategy rpgs are concerned.

Games like this is what it takes to bring home traditional gaming. It will be an honor to purchase this beautiful handcrafted work of art DAY 1 when available in stores wherever games are sold. Nintendo and Nintendo 3DS entertainment system supporters should be proud of this achievement. I will be paying close attention to this and awaiting the likely E3 2012 information blowout.

Rated E For Everyone
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mr_badhand  +   1009d ago
This game looks mind numbingly awesome but it also feels and reeks of "Japan only".

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