LittleBigPlanet producer hints at upcoming public beta, fall release

Destructoid think it's safe to say we're all tired of waiting for Sony to release LittleBigPlanet for the PlayStation 3. It was first revealed at last year's Game Developers Conference to squeals of delight from the gaming community and press, and we're just a little over a month away from this year's GDC. We were "promised" a demo in late 2007, but that fell through. So what gives?

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name3696d ago

Fall better mean August. And Public Beta better be next week. Or there'll be hell.

Darkiewonder3696d ago

Means between February-June.

At GDC, they need to go deeper.

DaTrooF3696d ago

I think that many first-party devs(maybe third) will make there own level of little big planet with their game theme...imagine a level of little big planet that is based on god of war,or jak(we need a 4!)
or maybe a street fighter,or halo themed level....that would be sweet!!

mullet3696d ago

That'd be awesome to see so many devs getting together to work with LBP.

mighty_douche3695d ago

allows ALL (PS3 owners) of us to let our inner developer out.

THX71683695d ago

Bubbles for you. Bubbles for all of you: 2, 2.1, 2.2

[email protected]3696d ago

A public BETA! Now that's something that I WANT. Hopefully will before June or August.

Prismo_Fillusion3696d ago

If they make a public Beta I'll buy a PS3 sooner than in the Summer/Fall.

Bathyj3696d ago

I think this is one game they can afford to rush.

Since the game will be a constant work in progress anyway I dont mind if it comes out earlier missing a few things. As long as the engine is solid they can keep adding content afterwards while we all scramble to create the most popular levels on PSN. You think the themes for PS3 are big, this is going to change the way we think about online community. Sooner the better for you Sony. System seller for sure.

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