Analysis: Skyward Sword proves that Zelda needs to evolve

Skyward Sword got a lot of acclaim last year -- from this site, among others. For the most part, I liked it a lot, too. But it has problems...let's face it, it's a mess. The primary issue, to my mind, is that it has truly terrible pacing.

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kevnb2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

I think its fine, there isnt a zelda game every year. While I get what they mean, but theres something charming about the way you have to do "boring" parts in zelda games.

Venox20082438d ago

SS was a great game, I loved it a lot and I did like controls a lot

dedicatedtogamers2438d ago

The controls were a step forward, but the combat itself was a step backwards. They gutted a lot of the "classic" Zelda moves in favor of puzzle-esque gameplay, because you had to be stationary to do the sword moves.

Titanz2438d ago

I've never experienced a title quite like LOZ:SS (though Redsteel 2 is the closes to it), and I would love it if Nintendo offered two different control methods for their next LOZ title (Wii Upad, or the Wii Remote with motion plus and the nunchuck).

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