Blu-ray set to kill off UMD as PSP movie format

At the Blu-ray press conference at CES, the studios mentioned the new feature where you'll be able to put a Blu-ray disc into your PS3, and within seconds have a digital copy of the movie ready to transfer to PSP. Which is cool, but surely is the final nail in the coffin of UMD as a movie format.

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Darkiewonder3969d ago

Takes out the trouble of spending more money that way. Put it on future 2.0 Compliant titles. then it solves that problem.


sony is starting its killing spree again.....Oh and lookit the time, its 2 years into the ps3's lifecycle. reminds me of the p1 and ps2, feels good to be a ps3 owner.

solidt123969d ago

I have been seeing misleading titles all day on this site. like this article about the PSP killing off UMD for Blu-Ray. This is really taken out of context. They are going to put PSP movies on the Blu-Ray Disc so you can copy them to your PSP from the PS3 and someone decided to Spin that as UMD is going away. At no time did they say UMD is going away. That was pure speculation.

raub3969d ago

i wonder if that it will only be available as an extra on some titles, or it will actually be able to rip past BD discs into a mp4

Lord Anubis3969d ago

it would kill it if everymovie had a downloadable version for the PSP.

solidt123969d ago

Not really because not everyone will buy Blu-ray and not everyone with a PSP has a PS3 to take advantage of this. Plus not every movie will have this function. I bet it will only be Sony movies with this feature. This is a good idea that I will take advantage of if I happen to buy a Blu-Ray with this enabled. But I won't buy a movie just for this. Place DUO memory space cost more now than the UMD's. maybe when the price goes down alot.

Grassroots3969d ago

im just curious of the size of the files are compressed too.

name3969d ago

Sony's definetly pushing for the PS3-PSP combo. The remote play feature was a previous shove. This is great though, hopefully it gets compressed enough to not take up that much space. I'll have to buy that $300 16 gb memory stick -_- That'll be a no no. Hopefully the end size is only about 500mb max.

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The story is too old to be commented.