Top 10 Iconic Songs in Gaming's Jason Fanelli continues his week of lists with the top ten iconic songs in gaming. From Sonic to Zelda to Mario, these songs are the most memorable. You may even find one that goes with everything known to man.

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Relientk771926d ago

Pretty good list, I kno all of them.

GoldenAge1926d ago

I was hoping at least one song from SotN would have made it. Too bad.

LOL_WUT1926d ago (Edited 1926d ago )

Very good list i would've moved sonic a little bit higher but its ok. I don't know why Halo was on the list.

Fel081926d ago

Pretty much all the songs that Michael Jackson made for Sonic 3 are on my Top 5 favorite Sonic game songs.

SaiyanFury1925d ago

Agreed. To be honest, the music from just about ANY Sonic stage in any of the Genesis/Sega CD games was really good. SEGA had some really talented composers. Hell, a lot of the games on the Genesis had really memorable music.

thebudgetgamer1926d ago

The Phantasy Star music always sticks in my head.

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