Texas professor offers Metal Gear Solid and Philosophy course

Ps3 Fanboy writes:

You know gaming has become an accepted part of popular culture when a professor at a university decides to include the political and philosophical allusions contained in video games into their class schedule. Specifically, Metal Gear Solid. This professor over at the official PlayStation Forums created a Wiki page dedicated to Metal Gear Solid 2 and philosopy.

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LightningPS33969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

But honestly, you probably could give a whole course on the Metal Gear solid storyline. It's that confusing.

Skerj3969d ago

It's not confusing, it's complex and deep.

PirateThom3969d ago

It's complex and deep, but if you don't follow it, it gets confusing.

Skerj3969d ago

You're correct on that Thom, I know a lot of people who said it was confusing and dumb but they skipped through the codec convos and cut scenes to get back to the game and I'm like "gee I wonder why you don't know crap". MGS's storyline and characters are the reason it's vastly superior to other stealth games in my eyes, namely Splinter Cell. Sure Sam has more moves at his disposal than Snake, but the guy and his world are mostly forgettable.

PirateThom3969d ago

Agreed, I've only ever played the first Splinter Cell, but bar Sam Fisher being a bit of a hard ass, the rest of the characters and the overall plot, I can't remember at all.

cr33ping_death3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

yeah its deep...... i tried explaining it to my girl......i totally lost her on all the diff snakes in the story line.....from big boss to solidus.
lol....i was showing her the 20th anni video and she was like " which one is that one and who is that so big big boss is who again....." it was funny.

PirateThom3969d ago

You really need to explain it with graphs and charts. It's the only way.

The_Firestarter3969d ago

Hideo Kojima is a master of his work! MGS franchise FTW!!!

mikeslemonade3969d ago

In all places Texas has the first MGS course. Why not California or somewhere in the east coast.

ZeroXMD3968d ago

you expect to have the storyline as "go in there! Kill them! Save that person! Kill them some more! He stole my GF! He kidnapped my GF! Kill your old buddy!"

Kojima, i'll admit that he's my idol as a writer, doesn't like simple storylines. He throws philosophy, morality, and real-life events into his work and likes to make you think. I do admit, if you don't follow it or miss certain parts, you are lost. But that is what makes a story great, if you miss a part then you HAVE to go back and see it to know what is going on. I hate people justifying their stupidity by saying "it's too confusing. I don't know what is going on and I don't want to! Just tell me who to point my gun at!". Especially with MGS4 being a front runner on PS3, i am getting tired of people who are used to Halo's crap pile of a storyline (unless you read the books, it is crap and almost non-existant) dogging MGS by saying "it's crap because it's confusing". Anyone who truly follows MGS's storyline knows it is an epic masterpiece. And I don't care who says different, so if you are going to flame me for saying so, flame away.

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Skerj3969d ago

That's freaking sweet, I remember when I was first playing through MGS2 my dad came around and heard the codec convos on The Patriots. He then wanted to stick around to see how the storyline panned out, might just get them a copy of MGS4. ..

name3969d ago

That's amazing. Metal Gear Solid's storyline is only "confusing" to people who don't actually think.

TwissT3969d ago

I would love to take that course.

hfaze3969d ago

Agreed... Makes me anxious for Kojima's next masterpiece... :-)

DrPirate3969d ago

Final Exam is to play MGS4 and explain and contrast Kojima's answers to your own theories about all the mysteries and loose ends.

ElfShotTheFood3969d ago

The decline of Western civilization continues.

TwissT3969d ago

Can you explain how? From my perspective I see a professor making his attempt to try and appeal to his/her students by combining both video games and education, I called it Edugametion(Copy writen Jan 7,2008 by TwissT)

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