The last of us will be a wonderful zombie horror game

Addict of Fiction take a look at "The Last of us" and why it will be awesome.

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lover20122437d ago

i can't wait for this game
incredible gfx
(i think it looks even better than uncharted 3)
and deep story and from what i know so far about the gameplay
it looks like it will have a very uniqe gameplay

can't wait to see the gameplay footge at E32012

DarkSniper2436d ago

In Dark Sniper's opinion, The Last of Us will go down in history as the greatest PS3 exclusive ever made. Naughty Dog's track record is not to be ignored or denied.

The Last of Us utilizes full power of the PS3 and it's amazing Cell architecture. It almost feels like a miracle that this game looks like a next generation title.

Dark Sniper cannot wait until E3 to hear more information about this phenomenal game.


TheFallenAngel2436d ago

God of War 3 is the best PS3 game and nothing will change that but God of War 4.

h311rais3r2436d ago

H311 rais3r wonders why dark sniper talks in 3rd person. H311 rais3r also wants to know why dark sniper is making such grand assumptions on such little info. H311 rais3r is sure it will be a good game given NDs track record but h311 rais3r believes making assumptions it will be the best game ever is still premature.

Nac2436d ago

DarkSniper should be aware that ND sets out to drop the label of "gam"e and craft an interactive cinematic experience with The Last of Us.

r212436d ago

god damn it, i want to see some gameplay!

TheFallenAngel2436d ago

Eh not digging this game. All i want is God of War 4.

sly-Famous2436d ago

Who ever wrote this article, if you did your job you would know that ND has already confirmed that this is not a horror zombie game but an action/adventure, they also said that those creatures shown in the trailer will only be there on rare occations.

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The story is too old to be commented.