Destructoid Hands-on Preview: DmC: Devil May Cry

What Capcom and Ninja Theory are trying to do with DmC: Devil May Cry is bring in some new flavor while being respectful of the attitude and style of the orginal Devil May Cry games. Their goal with this new game is to take that spirit forward, redefining Dante and his world, breaking just as much new ground as the original titles did, but in a new way. This meant giving the series hero a new voice and attitude, and a new look to match. We were told that they approached DmC thinking about what one of the original titles would be like if created today.

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Adnan_rules2411d ago

looking better but still a shit DMC game

fei-hung2411d ago

Whats just as annoying as Crapcom and NT ignoring fans is the amount of articles we are going to have to read trying to convince us to buy this game and how wrong we are etc. Screw you journalists, Crapcom and NT. As part of my middle finger to Crapcom, I will go and buy a 2nd new copy of Bayonetta just to prove a point!