If every video game boss was a Pokemon


Gotta beat them all
Crossovers are everywhere. Akira from Virtua Fighter is heading for Dead or Alive, Link and Ezio have appeared in Soulcalibur games... even Nintendo's most sacred mascot has appeared in the Sega-made Olympic tie-in. But despite countless spin-off games, Pokemon haven't ventured any further than Nintendo's own Super Smash Bros series. Which got us to thinking: What would games be like if every boss was a Pokemon? To find out, we've Photoshopped Pokemon into 9 of our favourite games.
First up is Geodude - one of the original set of Pokemon. He's made of rock, which means he only needs to be bigger and he could star in Shadow of the Colossus as one of the Colossuseseses. Colossi. Problem is, he naturally levitates, meaning he'd be really difficult to climb on. Also, he's 100% rock, so you can't even stab him in the head. Geodude = win.

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