Kotaku: LittleBigPlanet Updated Impressions From CES

From Michael McWhertor's preview: "While the game is still pre-alpha, with an Autumn release date planned - they wouldn't commit to September, specifically - there's a surprising amount of content to play around with, far more so than in previous builds."

"While the game has seemed rather full featured at previous events, including its debut showing at GDC last year, the Media Molecule team is still in the alpha stages of development. The game did lock up a handful of times as Kotaku edited, but the game is many months away. Still, there's already plenty to do and the developer has been staffing up to get the game done. They've gone from a team of 9 last year, to one of 25 today, snatching up talent from Insomniac Games along the way."

"As far as a beta, one is still planned, but given that the Fall 2007 one never materialized, they're keeping dates unannounced."

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timmyp533969d ago

maybe youll have a ratchet or resistance skin in character customization

TheHater3969d ago

There will be a lot of sony First Party game characters in LBP. But I hope that they will be allow to use other third party characters also

n_n3969d ago

hopefully... i'll bet franchise characters will be unlockables or you have to buy them from PSN... i hope they have a really good character customization program because i really want to make mine unique

SIX3969d ago

Man a chimeran skin would be so sweet!

Arkham3969d ago

Not to complicate the cross-developer references, but in the spirit of Rockstar's CJ: "It's on now, b*tches!"

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RIPHDDVD3969d ago

LBP is going to be huge with even Insomniac working with them. AAA guaranteed.

Skerj3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Holy crap Insomniac team members are on this!? LBP is a winner for real, is it me or does it seem like a lot of Sony's first and second party devs help each other's teams out? The knowledge transfer is good for everyone, I hope they share some with a few 3rd party devs. Graffiti lined New York themed level? Heeeeeeell yeah, the hobo Sackboy has a home. Well not really, he IS a hobo.

TheHater3969d ago

Dude Insomniac have a section on their website ( http://www.insomniacgames.c... ) that help out other game developers work on the ps3. and how to get the most out of it right now. But yeah, Sony First and Second party developers help each other out a lot.

I think EA should contact them on how to program the Cell to get the most out of it right now.

Peekay3969d ago

if you look carefully at the credits at the end of uncharted - ND give special thanks to Media Molecule and Insomniac. Others are too, cant remember though. Its quite cool.

Skerj3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

Same thing when you beat Ratchet FTOD, Media Molecule, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch, and Guerilla were named and thanked.


Nice find man!! I didn't know they made it a section on their site, yeah I do hope some EA devs take a look at that hah.

Spike473969d ago

this game is gonna rock!!!! insomaniac + casual creative gaming+ huge online features = AAA LBP FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!

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