VentureBeat - Fez Review

D.F. Smith writes: Fez is one of those games where the backstory threatens to take up more space than the real story. So let’s get the backstory out of the way as quickly as possible: The guy who designed it has said some silly things, and the game took a long time to come out (five years, to be exact). The end. What’s left is a charming, mentally challenging puzzler with a cute retro visual style. In other words, it’s more or less what we thought it would be back before it stopped being a game and turned into a sort of locus around which orbited thousands of angry forum posts.

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acronkyoung2409d ago

I wish this was out on PSN or Steam as well. Really wanna play it and don't have a 360.

SybaRat2409d ago

Wait, what? It's not perfect even after the gaming press drooled over it for months and months and months?