Xbox 360 Expected to Break Video Game Records in 2008

Peter Moore replacement Don Mattick tells why in an email sent to his staff shortly after Bach's CES 2008 appearance on Sunday. "We have the big blockbuster hits that everyone wanted to play," he wrote. "Of the top 20 best-selling titles in 2007 this generation, 13 were on Xbox 360, compared to seven on the Wii and zero on the PS3 according to NPD."

At its current rate, Microsoft stands to sell slightly more than 28.5 million Xbox 360s worldwide -- a far cry from the 100+ million that Sony's PlayStation and PlayStation 2 each sold in previous generations, and just 9 million more than the estimated 19.5 million Wii units already sold by Nintendo in just over a year.

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Mr_Showtime13998d ago

"We have the big blockbuster hits that everyone wanted to play,"

yep thats right,wanted, bioshock etc were awesome

now we WANT to play titles like MGS4, GT5 etc

LightningPS33998d ago

This Don Mattrick guy is worse than Peter Moore. He just keeps spouting bullshit and threats.

mesh13998d ago

mgs is a weak franchise only mgs1 was good why cause it was the 1st in the 5 is lame compared to forza 2 so there is no good game coming out for the ps3 while the 360 has fable 2/toohuman/warhound/gears ofwar 2/ng2/alanwake/yes the ps3 fans are scared it can bee seen with lies about paramount and warner going blue ray when what they only said wzas they will support blue ray not go exclusive with it but support both platforms

Bill Gates3998d ago

Yeah,....Record for the MOST BROKEN consoles since 2007 ...AAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHAHAH

sticky doja3998d ago

I don't care who you are, thats funny.

PlayStation3603998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

AWWW DAMN! I'm sorry... Bubble+ for that one B :D That was just cooooold blooded. lol

zigzag3998d ago

it's not gonna happen

nice_cuppa3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

ps3 fanboys like you are the reason i'm the only person in my group of friends who has a ps3.

can't we just enjoy the games.


mass effect.
mario galaxy.
halo 3.


\/\/what Jacob Ellis said befre the edit.

No we aren't annoying.
Just tell your f*cken Microsoft friends to shut the hell up with their XBOX 360 promotional sh*t.

*We have the most games no doubt!
*We have hundreds of unannounced Exclusives!
*We will be # 1 by the end of 2008!
*We will sell set record breaking numbers in 2008!
*We are the sh*t!
*We own the world!

I mean what the f*ck? Just shut the hell up. You don't see Nintendo or Sony talking sh*t. This isn't E3 or anything. WTF is wrong with those idiots?

InMyOpinion3998d ago

Stop making reasonable comments ;)

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