First Resident Evil 6 Pre-Order Bonus DLC Revealed

With the recent shift in release date of Resident Evil 6 from November 20th to October 2nd, it looks like retailers are now going to start taking pre-orders on the game as well. EB Games Canada has announced the bonus DLC you can expect when you pre-order the game.

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BringingTheThunder2411d ago

can't wait to play me some mercenaries.

LOGICWINS2411d ago

Normally I'd just wait for the complete edition for Capcom games...but this seems to be worth the money Day 1. I plan to pay it off next week.

aDDicteD2411d ago

same here, even though i knew there will be a gold edition of this one (cause it's capcom) still going for the day 1 release

LOGICWINS2411d ago

I bought the Gold Edition of RE5 and honestly, the extra content isn't worth the the wait. Desperate Escape and Lost in Nightmares are only one hour long each(You can watch them on Youtube for free for story purposes). Versus is a throwaway mode since NO ONE buys RE to play versus.

I'm perfectly fine with getting RE6 Day 1.

SilentNegotiator2410d ago

They're already announcing cut content and you say it "seems to be worth the money Day 1"?

tigertron2411d ago

Bonus on-disc DLC I bet.

LOGICWINS2411d ago

For all we know , the Catacombs Stage is unlockable after you beat the main campaign or something. This DLC could just be to get the stage EARLIER than you would have originally...just like the paid weapon unlocks in Battlefield. Everyone gets it, but if you pay, you get it a little earlier.

Also, even if its not unlockable, I honestly don't care. According to Capcom, RE6's campaign will be 3x as long (20-30 hours guaranteed) as RE5 with a new story, better graphics, new enemies, better co-op, and the most action packed cinematic RE ever made.

Don't know about anyone else, but thats worth my $60.

tigertron2411d ago

"The most action packed cinematic RE ever made."

I hope not, but that will probably be the case. I don't know about you, but I just miss the horror that Resident Evil had. I never wanted it to be an action packed series. =/ I don't mind a bit of action, but this used to be the king of survival horrors with Silent Hill. I'm still a Resi fan, but I'm not excited about having cover based fire fights with enemies. *Sigh*

I also doubt RE6 will be 20-30 hours long.

As for the DLC, it could well be unlockable after you complete the campaign, but somehow, knowing Capcom, you'll have to pay for it.

VanillaBear2411d ago

I wish they would reveal more about the mercenaries mode.

I hope theres differen't modes and challeneges for it.....theres has to be a no time limit mode, basicaly a survival mode to see how long you can last without having to keep breaking those annoying clocks

TrendyGamers2411d ago

A no time limit mode would be very much appreciated.

MidnytRain2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

The game was originally to be released six months from now. They couldn't have put this on the disc?

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