Interview: Matt Powers Discusses How Aliens: Colonial Marines Adds to the Canon, Enhances the Films

Joel Taveras writes, "Back at E3 last year we were fortunate enough to get a very early peek at Aliens: Colonial Marines. Fast forward to this past weekend at PAX East in Boston and show goers (who were able to make it through the grueling 3 hour wait) would get the chance to get a look at the single player, but also get their hands dirty with some multiplayer against the folks from Gearbox.
After getting caught up with the title we spoke with Producer Matt Powers, who filled us in on ACM how Gearbox Software hopes to enhance what the original films already have in place. Check out our full interview below."

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taz80802411d ago

They need the voice of Hicks in there screaming "Its all over!" Game looks impressive and really blows the last Alien game away so far.