Molyneux: This is My Last Chance

"Industry icon reveals why he quit Microsoft in pursuit of that perfect game, and why he now needs you..."

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NewMonday2411d ago

sorry that ship has sailed looooong time ago

Ingram2411d ago

Oh...he's back with the "perfect game" thing again.
Someone tell him the E3 is in yugoslavia this year, please.

MariaHelFutura2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

This guy is hilarious. He's so dramatic.

-Gespenst-2411d ago

Haha I was searching for the words but you just took them right outta my mouth. Guy should be a thespian not a game designer.

Wolfbiker2411d ago

I always start thinking in a heavy english accent when I see this guys face.

I hate his face.

Psychonaughty2411d ago

^He looks French though!

I wish him all the best and I think the lack of respect for Peter from the comments above me are disgusting.

IronFistChinMi2411d ago

Well said. PM is legendary in my opinion, even though he wasn't able to fully realise his vision for Fable.