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Things I Hate About Games: Downloadable Content

Nik Wood continues his series of things he hates about games looking at a gaming peeve of millions, downloadable content. Does DLC help the industry or is it just a way to milk loyal fans? (PS3, Xbox 360)

Ravenor  +   1322d ago
Yeah, down with DLC! Lets go back to expansion packs and pay 40 bucks a pop. Some DLC out there is bad and a shameless cash in, for others it's a perfectly good addition to a title to bring it more longevity.
pangitkqb  +   1322d ago
Hating all DLC is silly. What about FREE DLC? For example, Valve has made massive DLC updates to Left for Dead 2 on PC for no charge whatsoever. Seemed like some great DLC to me. It's all about context.
Moncole  +   1322d ago
I only ever buy DLC if it for a cheap game and if it's an indie game because I want to support indie devs to bring new and innovative games. I find my self playing mostly indie games
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Hayakuzima  +   1322d ago
"Not only do I hate DLC for the cost, but I reserve a special hatred for a special kind of DLC. This DLC can probably be found on a few games"

Same. They did that on Dragon Age: Origins. Sulcher's Pass or something? It was all gold and shiny, so I clicked on it an BAM. Had to buy the extra content.

That was depressing.

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