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Emilio_Estevez2438d ago

So no PS3 version? Guess the ESRB was incorrect, *looks at the only related news*

theeg2438d ago

or just grab it for $4

it's a mediocre game at best, much better graphically on pc, but still a mediocre game

TheROsingleB2438d ago

Yeah really. I played it back at launch, and there are TONS of used copied floating around. I don't see the need for a re-release unless Bethesda is throwing in some extra goodies.

TheDareDevil2438d ago

I expected an HD release with some new features maybe.

Am disappoint.

DoomeDx2438d ago

HD Release of a game that has always been HD?

TheDareDevil2438d ago

I dun goof'd

Maybe better textures I guess,Games gonna look sh*tty as hell.

LightofDarkness2438d ago

I guess it's just to release under Bethesda rather than Activision. Still, meh. Very average shooter, and it didn't even compete with the PC version on release.

Dlacy13g2438d ago

No HD upgrading or additional features? Why would I bother buying this new when I can track plenty of copies of this launch release via used?

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The story is too old to be commented.