Free to Play Treasures of Montezuma Blitz Now Available on PS Vita

Polina Belavskaya // Product Manager, Alawar Entertainment:

PS Vita is the perfect platform for people on the go with short blocks of time to play games. The first free-to-play game on the platform is Treasures of Montezuma Blitz, the newest game based on the popular Treasures of Montezuma franchise. ToM has actually been around for years with its familiar match 3 gameplay, but each generation of the game has added new challenge and power-ups. This was one of the main things we wanted to ensure we hit with the PS Vita version. It had to be fresh and new, and most of all be fun.

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Snookies122414d ago

It's a fun little puzzle game, and really nicely done... Just a shame you can only play for a certain amount of time a day unless you pay for more time.... :\

If they had released a demo, and made the game unlimited in terms of play time for like 5-10 bucks, I probably would have bought it. Oh well, it IS (kind) of free, even if it's only (kind) of free for like 10 minutes a day haha.

(Not sure if it's per day it refills your play time, or how long you have to wait exactly to be honest.)

SandWitch2414d ago

It refills pretty fast, I guess it takes about five minutes to refill one life. Or even less.

In UK PS Store this game appeared about a month ago and I noticed that it's kinda popular between my PSN friends. Sometimes I play this game too, it's great for some short gaming sessions, while you sit in the toilet for example :D

KUV19772414d ago

I am not sure on the timing too, but often I get 6 lifes instead of 5 because during playing the first life already got recharged. So after about 30 Minutes or so you should be ready to go another 5 rounds.

What is more stupid though is that, if you want to get higher scores you'll need Totems and those other thingies. However, using them costs crystals. So again, they want to force you to buy crystals.

I am not gonna throw money their way but playing a couple rounds now and then is nice.

I agree that a buyable full-version would have been preferable, but not for more than 3 bucks. If they add more play-modes then maybe 5 bucks, but I can't see myself paying 10 bucks for something that is more of a cell-phone-game...

g-nome2414d ago

Paying for crystals to play sucks , rather let us pay for the full game.

Pocker2414d ago

3 in a row of same type and they will explode!!!!!!!

how original. oh and you have to buy crystals to play.
don't give these people money.

majorw22414d ago

Bejewelled 2 via PS3 Remote Play for me instead of this stinker.

PS. PS1 games are ALL playable via PS3 Remote Play on the VITA :)