EDGE make Nintendo tease for next issue

Nintendo Universe writes:

Something intriguing this way comes, as the latest issue of EDGE has provided a mystifying Nintendo related teaser ahead of their June issue.

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Optical_Matrix2352d ago

If it's Miyamoto related, it's Pikmin 3

Mikhail2352d ago

Off:topic I really like tat Miyamoto Pic

its probably Pimpkin or some new ip or a ip revival.

Admiralsombrero2352d ago

I know you didn't mean to misspell it, but pimpkin would be hilarious. it could be about pimping pumpkins, or something like that.

Back on topic.....
Its very possible it could be pikmin 3, but i'm hoping it's hardware info for wii u, although we probably won't hear about that till e3.

Mikhail2352d ago

Lol, i misspelled it.

It would be better if its a Wii U Title. Never had a Nintendo console before since I always but their handheld but I am interested in the Wii U.

Kyosuke_Sanada2352d ago (Edited 2352d ago )

The pic does remind me of this Vander Decken IX. I wouldn't be surprised if Miyamoto was a One Piece fan...

Ness-Psi2352d ago

Probably an interview with shigsy. and maybe a look at some upcoming nintendo stuff..but most probably wont be much WiiU stuff.

Khordchange2352d ago

who doesn't like miyamoto? The man is just awesome

NellyNel_7_1_32352d ago

your right about that. the wii u news is going to be awesome when we do get it!