Amazon Video Game Pre-order Bonus List (updated 4/11)

"Amazon has recently added a number of upcoming titles to their $10-$20 video game credit promo.

In addition, they are offering Release Day Delivery for only $0.99 on most of these titles!

Here is the updated $10-$20 Amazon Credit list:"

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schlanz2410d ago

Hint: There are no $20 credit games

Amazon used to offer faaaaar more games with $10-20 credit. It seems now they'd rather go the gamestop route with pointless dlc or special casing or art books.

Call me crazy but that stuff doesn't entice me like $10 or $20.

Still, tax free and RDD for a buck makes Amazon my preferred day one retailer, regardless of how weak the promos have become.

Excalibur2410d ago (Edited 2410d ago )

I agree.

I haven't bought a single new game this year, especially the way they drop 15.00-20.00 in about a month.

Amazon always HAD good deals but that has slowed way down, they used to offer the game at a $3.00-$6.00 discount from the start and then give you $10.00-$20.00 off next purchase AND then have some sort of DLC.

Sorry Ammy I'm waaay over the $60.00 price tags.

I still am going to buy from there but I'm waiting now until the games drop.

jimineyscrickets2409d ago

"Don't be fatuous, Jeffrey." ;) couldn't resist a Lebowski quote after seeing your awesome avatar.

cfountain2410d ago

still nothing for

kelo3602409d ago

I ended up caving and buying Starhawk at GameStop. I'm not a huge GameStop fan but they had so many bonuses.

cfountain2409d ago

im close to doing the same thing unless Amazon announces something in the next few weeks.

aDDicteD2409d ago

hope they add more titles next time