Nemesis in The Resident Evil 6

Through the second trailer for the game Resident Evil 6 , The Nemesis had appeared in the second 51 , This image was taken to show that the Nemesis is in the Resident Evil 6

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fantasygamer1479d ago

I saw this too and it does look alot like his figure.

SilentNegotiator1478d ago (Edited 1478d ago )

This time, you get to kill him with an M16, rocket launchers, and claymores.

And an airstrike if you kill enough zombies.

iChii1478d ago

I think you've played too much call of duty..

Anyways do you know if the chick that Chris almost shot was Ada? If she's the villain of the game, it would be interesting..Its like a Resident Evil reunion.

KillerPwned1478d ago


From what I read it is Ada Wong and she is the main villian.

DarkBlood1478d ago

so the clone of ada (Carla i think it is) is the good one then?

well now i just have to find out whats going on, day freaking one im getting this game

aCasualGamer1478d ago


Wouldn't be so sure of it though. Ada could end up being the savior of the world.

Myst1478d ago

Her name is Carla Radames -- http://residentevil.wikia.c... I thought it was Ada to but someone said the name on Youtube and had to search it.

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iChii1478d ago

He definitely looks like Nemesis. I hope he appears in RE6. I love how you had to run in almost every hallway on RE3.

RedDead1478d ago

Nemesis died. But eh... what's to stop them from making a new one?

FACTUAL evidence1478d ago

For some reason RE6 feels like a big spin off to me since I saw the first trailer.

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FinaLXiii1479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

RE6 is packed with all the goodies about the franchise that´s cool.

It just lacks albert wesker :(

rezzah1478d ago

Apparently he has a son.

So you're in luck?


did M.Night direct this movie? the reason isay this is because there's a twist in every second of both trailers. glad to see sherry coming back to the show now we just need claire and we got ourself a true resident evil 2 sequel

Nimblest-Assassin1478d ago

pfft... can't kill wesker.


I have seen the future

asmith23061478d ago

Ah shit, I'm playing through RE3 at the moment and this guy keeps tormenting me!!

Virus2011478d ago

I heard that he just wants to know why you haven't returned his calls.

asmith23061478d ago

Because he reminds me of my mother in law.

Eamon1478d ago

LMAO at Virus201. Bubbles for humour.

WeskerChildReborned1478d ago

Finally we get the real nemesis and not the RE:ORC one that was kinda boring to fight lol.

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