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inveni02412d ago

My thoughts exactly. Why do they keep making these? What, a compound bow is supposed to renew interest?

If they really want to get on top, they should make the game that Project Offset was supposed to be. Now THAT would be cool.

DrPepper2412d ago

i feel the exact same way lol

honkyjesus2412d ago

Why do they keep making these?

You can add COD, Assassin's Creed, Battlefield, Halo, Zelda, Mario, and underpowered last gen Nintendo consoles to this.

pangitkqb2412d ago

I love the Crysis series. I guess I'm just dumb?

To each their own, right? (Or not, apparently we need to condemn everyone else's purchases and make ourselves feel cool!)

starchild2412d ago

I love the Crysis series as well.

If you don't like it, fine. But don't come into an article about the game and just sh#t on it in such a blatant way.

I can't wait for Crysis 3.

Ares84HU2412d ago

Because people like Crysis, that is why they keep making them.

I myself can't wait for it!

Gaming1012412d ago

This is very surprising given how Crytek has gone on and on about how they've been waiting for the next generation since Crysis 1, that current specs are not sufficient, and on and on, and they're still developing on current gen systems...

After this they'll definitely be looking into next gen systems, because quite frankly I don't see how they can squeeze anything more out of current gen systems after Crysis 3.

Kingdom Come2412d ago

Why do try keep making these?
There's been 2 numbered installments and Warhead, also, you know NOTHING about the game other than there'll be a bow and a potential city setting. I hate how pre-judgemental this sites community can be at times. I wonder how he'd react if it was a PS3 Exclusive? If I was to be as pre-judgemental as he has shown himself to be I'd hazard a guess that he'd be singing Crytek's praises...

STONEY42412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

From 2007-2012, there have only been 2 main Crysis installments (Warhead in 2008 was basically an expansion). Think about how long that is. I don't know why some of you are comparing this with Call of Duty level of milking, because it's nowhere near that.

inveni02412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Actually, I've played and completed all three other Crysis games AND the original Far Cry. So I'm very familiar with the series. But the games are stagnant now, and they aren't trying to revitalize them. That's why I wonder why they keep making them. Sure, they probably want to make a buck, but if they aren't doing anything new, what else do they get out of it?

I can't apologize for not wanting to be treated by game developers as a cow, ready to eat whatever is put in the trough. I work hard for every $60 I earn. I don't want to blow it on a new version of a game I already own.

This is why I stopped playing Assassin's Creed after AC:2. It's why I don't play Halo. It's why I won't play Mass Effect 3 until it's really, really cheap. And it's why I don't want to see another Uncharted game until the devs behind it can wow me like they did in Uncharted 2.

And that means something, because I'm a MAJOR PS3 fanboy, and I consider the Uncharted series to be the best of all time.

I won't throw Mario into the mix, though, because Nintendo always attempts to innovate the Mario Bros. franchise. In fact, they're pretty much a model of proper game development--a team of people that cares about doing more than just making a couple extra dollars until the next gen is out. Do they make sequels that aren't huge leaps? Sure! SMB2, SMG2, etc.

But Crytek? C'mon, really? They are lame devs. All flash and no panache...

EDIT: But I can agree on one thing... I don't have to buy it. And I most likely will not.

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krazykombatant2412d ago

lol this is ridiculous if true.. forget using advance tech Bow and Arrow is the way to go. inb4arrowtothekneejoke.

Mr Tretton2412d ago

Meh, I was hoping they would save it for next gen. I'm betting it's just going to be a lot like C2.

raytraceme2412d ago

I would disagree crytek already said that pc is their next gen and tbqh crysis 2 on the pc is probably what next gen will look like not much better than this gen pc.

Crazyglues2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Ok this is a shocker, but I loved Crysis so I'm excited to see what they did with part 3...

will be interesting to see if they can really make an amazing game so quickly...

But I'm hoping it's Awesome -Can't wait to check this out, could be big, if they really dug in and tried to fix what went wrong with Crysis 2..

I'm excited to see it.. & I'll Keep my fingers crossed. -Just looking at the comments they got their work cut out for them.


Jazz41082412d ago

The release photos do. not show a ps3 version. .It shows a 360 and Pc . I wonder if they are scrapping a p3 version as ms and crytek seem to be in bed together. This could be a e3 announcement for ms if that's true.

Crazyglues2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

@ Jazz4108

oh yes there is a PS3 version... Google sees all you just gotta read the fine print -


sphinct2412d ago

Can't wait. I'm a fan.

Tyre2412d ago

YES!!! Bring it on!!! I love the Crysis series...great news. Thx Crytek!

ATi_Elite2411d ago

There are many great places on this planet to have an alien invasion without having to use New York all the darn time!

San Fransisco, Tokyo, Moscow, Chicago, London, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, Paris, Venice, all would be nice!

Phoenix would be awesome! Desert in Phoenix and 20 minutes to the North in Flagstaff you got plenty of Woods, wildlife, and even snow!

Russia and the Chernobyl area are my favorite locations and STALKER does it perfectly!

anyway the world has many great spots besides New York and hopefully they go back to the original Crysis format of the sandbox shooter which made the game so great!

Oh and use the CryEngine 2 for the PC version please now that so many cheap GPU's can run it!!!

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Kingdom Come2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

I eagerly anticipate some gameplay information, hopefully this third installment is more open than it's predecessor but the box art looks sublime. Crysis 2, whilst a great game, didn't have that sense of expansive landscape an diversity in approach as the brilliant original title...

RankFTW2412d ago

I was all over the "hate origin bandwagon" at first but I've actually come to like it as of late.