Pandora’s Tower Press Release & Launch Trailer

"Nintendo have released a new launch trailer for upcoming Wii title. JRPG Pandora’s Tower has players climb spiralling dungeons full of enemies. You can then harvest their meat to feed to your girlfriend Elena who has been cursed and is slowly turning into a monster. Fortunately feeding her morsels of monster flesh will help. How often you return to help Elena will affect the game’s relationship system, which plays out in multiple endings."

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LX-General-Kaos2439d ago (Edited 2439d ago )

Beautiful just as expected from a Nintendo Wii exclusive. This is the type of game that keeps the industry healthy, and gives the elite gamer variety. Clearly showing that not every game needs to be a shooter to provide a fun and rewarding experience. This game has the look as if Rygar, and Final Fantasy had a baby. A sight to behold.

A worldwide release of this beautiful Nintendo Wii exclusive will complete Operation Rainfall. A successful venture by the great supporters of Nintendo.

Day one purchase when available in my region wherever games are sold.

Rated E For Everyone


It's one of the only titles that really makes me want to get a I'm already short on time lol

dark-hollow2439d ago

for the people who didnt find their jrpg fix on the 360/ps3, i highly recommend you to get a wii at this point.

Ilovetheps42439d ago

I wish this would come to the US. Out of the three, I was looking forward to this one. Oh well, atleast we got Xenoblade and will be getting the Last Story which are both great RPG's.

zavierkai2439d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

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