Molyneux hopes to release first 22Cans game by the end of the year

Peter Molyneux hopes to release the first game developed by his recently-formed startup indie studio 22Cans by the end of the year.

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MissAubrey2414d ago

i was wondering when this guy would leave lionhead im pretty sure he was sick of making only fable games.

Tai_Kaliso2414d ago

You do realize he had creative control of all of Microsoft EU right? He could pick or choose what to make.

Many people guess he was let go by Microsoft but was allowed to say he left on his own terms. He was probably a little too far out there.

MissAubrey2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

didnt seem like he could pick and choose he didnt do a single thing except fable (imo fable 3 was dissapoint). would of been nice if he revived b.c.

Tai_Kaliso2414d ago

He was even in charge of Rare studios, if anything he was a little too into Kinect.

I liked Fable 3, there were some things I preferred about Fable 2 of course, but I don't think the third Fable was bad by any means.

Looking forward to Fable The Journey and of course Fable 4, but I'm hoping that doesn't come out until the next Xbox.

Fable 4 launching with the Xbox 720 will be epic.

As for Microsoft EU, its now Phil Harrison running those divisions.

MissAubrey2413d ago

I agree Fable 4 should back off till the next console