Top 10 Reasons to Own a Playstation Vita

These are the top 10 reasons to own a Playstation Vita. Why are you still sitting there? Go out and buy one!!!

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DA_SHREDDER2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

It doesn't have wifi hotspot, your prepaid data plan doesn't roll over and has expiration dates, games are only 5 gigs big, no l3 and r3 buttons, It has a crappy web browser, cross game chat only works with half the games, no real good games, no android market so can't get stuff like Pandora, geared towards people who are on the go not real gamers who sit on their butts all day and play games on the couch, doesn't play Mario, and won't play COD properly,and most of all, console, tab, and pc games are better. It's just my opinions of course. My reasons not to buy one.

@Snookies, yeah cause buying a Vita for psp games is the main reason why everyone wants a Vita? Damage control much?

antbolton892414d ago

If you compare it to any other handheld device it destroys them. Amazing hardware and more great software is coming, the best handheld ever made in my opinion

Snookies122414d ago

What are you talking about? Won't play COD properly? How do you know this? Are you an insider that has played it on Vita? Because I haven't seen any videos of it...

Dude, give valid points at least if you're going to hate on something. It CAN have L3 and R3 buttons if mapped to the back. Games don't NEED to be any bigger than like 5 gigs on a handheld. Web browser will be updated (stated by Sony as being 'soon'), party chat will probably work in more games when there is an update for it. THERE ARE GOOD GAMES, I don't know how any gamer can even say that. As for Android market, why would it have that?

HarryMasonHerpderp2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

The only complaints are from people who don't own one.
If you buy a vita im certain you would be happy with it.
It just needs PSOne support and PS2 support.
if that never happens though you still get vita games
that look and play amazing.I sat down put my earphones
on and played wipeout 2048 and was blown away,
you get sucked in more with a handheld and the music rocked.
Cant wait for gravity daze!

Kalowest2414d ago

I don't own one because the games suck right now, only gravity daze is worth having.

ginsunuva2414d ago

The games are only 5gb large and it doesn't play Mario?

I guess I wont be buying one then.

Unexpecta2414d ago

You're obviously just angry at yourself for not being able to buy one and in return you bring up half assed reasons as to why the Vita shouldn't be in anyone's hands.

"Doesn't play Mario." If a Mario game was on the Vita, I certainly wouldn't be buying one. Why? Because that's when you know the world is coming to an end.

Please just sit yourself down and think about your life.

Wolfbiker2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

You expect too much, no product could meet those expectations you have set and if it did, you would probably complain it was too expensive.

-game cartridge size can larger if requestes...up to 8 gigs I think...I believe uncharted was that big.

-L2/L3 AND R2/R3 can be applied to the back touch pad.

-Mario is owned by Nintendo -_-

-this is NOT a google PHONE.

-tablet games are more limited based on the requirements you listes above....and pc and console games cant be played on the bus.

- update can fix browser and x game chat issues...and will.

......shit I just fed the bad energy troll.

Wolfbiker2414d ago

The Vita has only been out for a few months....what more do you want from it??

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Snookies122414d ago

The PSP library is... It's just amazing... It's total win on my Vita.

Having Persona 3, Ys Seven, Dissidia Duodecim, Disgaea, Megaman Maverick Hunter X, Guilty Gear, Trails in the Sky, Harvest Moon... I could go on, but yeah...

Not to mention the Vita games are crazy exciting too, Unit 13, Hot Shots, Persona 4, Disgaea 3, Gravity Daze, Ys Celceta, etc.

The thing is just a beast. There are some eye catching 3DS games out as well, and I really would like to own one, but right now I can't focus on much else because I keep buying Vita/PSP games. (Though that's not a bad thing, can never have too many games haha).

thekiddfran2414d ago

Hold on, there is an ys game coming out for vita??

Shut up and take my money!!!!

Snookies122414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I know right!? Never knew about the Ys series until randomly buying Seven on my Vita the other day... Now I'm buying Ys Celceta day one when it comes to America, because Ys Seven was just so fantastic it made me a fan of the series almost immediately.

It's apparently Ys IV remade with Ys Seven's battle system and stuff. Looks fantastic though.

Venox20082414d ago

If MGS: Acid 1 and 2 will be released, so I can download them on Vita, I'll buy it..

Two_Sheds_Jackson2414d ago

9. PSP Library
7. Improved Ports
3. PS1/PS2 Library
1. COD/Future Releases

"The PSP never got a GTA San Andreas Stories probably because it couldn’t handle the content. The Vita is capable! '

No but it got 3 gta's while the vita has none..............

this list is more like a why the vita isnt competing right now list

Hicken2414d ago

Sometimes, I think about responding to dumb comments like the one DA_SHREDDER made.

Then I realize that's time that could be better spent using my Vita.

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