South Park creators personally picked Obsidian to develop South Park RPG

THQ boss Danny Bilson has revealed that South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone personally chose Obsidian to develop the South Park RPG before THQ was even brought in to publish the game.

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kaveti66162410d ago

Why would you personally pick a team that has a track record of not finishing their projects, riding the coattails of more successful developers, and producing inferior sequels?

come_at_me_bro2410d ago

Well, at least New Vegas is much better than Fallout 3...

dark-hollow2409d ago

No. Just no....

New Vegas felt like an expansion pack and it was more glitchy than fallout 3 which is by itself a big achievement!

come_at_me_bro2409d ago

I never experienced any glitches, but I don't doubt it was coded poorly. It was a bad engine already and Obsidian aren't exactly top tier programmers. What I did experience was a more intelligently written and designed game that actually felt like a Fallout game. New Vegas is similar to Fallout 3 only superficially, so I could maybe understand the expansion pack criticism. However, the game has a lot more content and if you've played Fallout games pre-Bethesda, you'd see how much of a love letter it is to fans.

Alos882410d ago

Lol, I knew exactly who you meant before I highlighted the link, Avellone is one of the best writers in games today.

kevnb2409d ago

because obsidian have some awesome writers.

NYC_Gamer2409d ago

I expect this rpg to be one big technical mess

kevnb2409d ago

I expect it to be fine without any bioware engine attached to it.