Peter Molyneux: why I quit Microsoft, and why my new game will change the world

Did Milo's cancellation force his hand? What is his deepest regret? And of course, the thorny issue of making promises you can't deliver. Peter Molyneux in his first interview as an independent developer (again).

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FlashXIII2414d ago

I never knew he quit Microsoft but hearing about it, the guy has earned my respect again. Microsoft isn't the place to be working if you want to explore new innovative ideas for real gamers. Having Microsoft use such a talented man as they were was a huge detriment to the gaming community.


agreed. say what you want about Molyneux but he has great ideas

Kingdom Come2414d ago

Correct, he does, however, they never truly come into fruition. Molyneux is a brilliant innovator and can devise some magnificent concepts for games, however, he never manages to achieve a satisfying result for the level of hype produced for his game...

baodeus2414d ago

He tends to make the experience more genuine by making them very subtle (if you play the hell out of Fable 2, and in the way that Peter suggested, you would know what i mean).

The problem is that, people would just gloss over it/didn't get to see it therefore the great ideas/experiences that he mentioned thus are lost.

Particularly the NPC interaction. There were quite a bit of WTF moments, in a good way though, and i see what Peter was talking about. It is really great.

Well i hope he is doing well with the new studio.

mcstorm2414d ago

baodeus I agree with what you say here. I really liked Fable 1 and 2. I thought 3 was a let down as I could not quite get into it but I don't think it was as bad as people were making out.

I cant wait to see what he dose with the new company but I wonder if he will go back to games like Black and White again. I would not be surprised if he makes an excusive 360 game again under the new company but what ever he decides to do for his next IP im sure I will end up getting it and I wish him the best of luck and thank you for the amazing games you have given us under Lionhead.

Drake1172414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Look this guy has made some empty promises in the past and the last 2 fable games have been pretty sub par, but i'm atleast mildly excited to see what he can come up with.
Without him being a part of a huge company he will have alot of freedom to do what he wants. At Lionhead he became more of a manager and less of a thinker and innovator.
In a smaller company that isn't concerned about what sells and other marketing agendas, he can focus on making something that is truly unique, brilliant, eye opening, and maybe even world changing(idk maybe).

If you take something like milo for instance, that was a pretty brilliant and unique idea that could of changed the way people looked at not necessarily video games but virtual and emotional interactions. But a publisher like Microsoft(or any publisher for that matter) would of been insane to fund that thing till it was perfect. What would the target audience be? Would people buying video games even be interested in it? how long would development time be to make this thing perfect? Would it be worth it? Those are all major concerns when working for any major company, they are out there to sell a product and make money.

This is taken straight from the interview- "The thing is we're not going to make an app for iOS and want it to be in the top 1000 apps. That's not what we're doing here. What we're trying to do is make something that's truly a moment, truly a step change. That's our obsession."-
I sincerely hope this is the way that his new company will be run, it will be a breath of fresh air.

dark-hollow2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I don't care how great he was in the past, his latest offerings were mediocre at best!
This guy is a walking hype machine!

I can't see how being with ms as an excuse for his lame games! Did ms payed him to suck?

Fable one was truly a masterpiece, the second one was a mixed bag, the third one is just....meh!

Who cares if his ideas and "visions" are genius because if they aren't executed very well then they are worthless.

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DrPepper2414d ago

oh my god here we go again. this guy still making big promises which more than likely he will fail to deliver and ultimately disappoint fans considering his track record.

asmith23062414d ago

Glad he quit Microsoft. Now re-open Bullfrog studios or something similar please!

BitbyDeath2414d ago

Hell yea, that would be awesome.

Denethor_II2414d ago

Good old Theme Park. Putting max salt on the fries, then put the drink stand next to it (drinks filled with ice).
This man created these sort of ideas in video games.

Horny2414d ago

Omg this is fantastic news to me. I hope he re-opens bullfrog again. Hopefully he also makes dungeon keeper 3. I've been waiting 13 years.

gaden_malak2414d ago

Dude needs to start putting his money where his mouth is. His stuff has been fairly ordinary recently.

BitbyDeath2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

He explains why in the interview.

Hicken2414d ago

You know only about half the people here actually read it. It's all about responding to the headline.

Drazz2414d ago

Good, maybe fable will be awesome again, unlike 2-3...

egidem2414d ago many bubbles and still not even read the article.

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