Hands on with Skype for PSP

To all extents and purposes this is the complete Skype package. You can call anyone on your contacts list, no matter if they are on another PSP, a PC, or at the end of a normal phone. For this latter option, you will of course need to purchase Skype Out credit, but that will be possible from within PSP Skype itself...

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EZCheez3934d ago

I guess Sony has to save something for next year.

I'm getting another PSP. I've held out for too long and I can't take it anymore. I'm especially hyped about the Blu-Ray copying feature. I've never tried out Skype before but I'm willing to give it a shot too.

TheTwelve3934d ago

Word. And check this at the end:

"I quizzed the rep on the possibility of Skype coming to the PS3 and although she couldn’t give away anything concrete, it sounds distinctly like Sony is committed to bringing more communications tools to all of its gaming systems, including the PS3."

Skype coming to PS3.


Amp3934d ago

I talk to Romania every day from America using Skype on My P.C.Sound Quality I think is perfect, Enjoy!

hella whip3934d ago

Maybe Sony will use Skype as its ingame voice chat service for the ps3 meaning you can talk to anyone who has Skype while playing games.

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