Celebrities support EA in wake of anti-LGBT campaign

Electronic Arts says it's received several thousand letters protesting the company's incorporation of LGBT themes within games such as Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: the Old Republic. The company says it has no plans to censor its games – and at least three celebrities (at least two of them real) have come out in support of the Redmond giant's stance.

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thorstein2439d ago

This makes me want to go out, buy some EA games and play them at Starbucks!

Mythicninja2438d ago

That is exactly what they are hoping for. It's great EA stands up to these bigots, but sad taking a stand like this is used to sell more stuffs.

christian hour2438d ago

I'm just really confused right now, EA gets nothing but hate on the internet, now I see an article about supporting them against anti-lgbt... it must be opposite day! j/k by the way

Good to see fanboys can (hopefully?) put their differences aside with regards to EA to fight a much bigger evil, anti-LGBT groups. The enemy of my enemy is my friend :)

omi25p2438d ago

People have never heard of Steven Fry and Charlie Brooker?

christian hour2438d ago

I know, it saddens me too :( They need ads on tv like those amnesty ads. "This is John, he's 22 years old and he's never heard of Charlie Brooker or Stephen Fry, for just 1 pound a month you can help send John a collection of Stephen Fry's work along with Charlie Brookers "wipe" series, dead set and Black Mirror, act now to change a life.

Good to see Brooker and Fry taking action for what they believe in as usual, seriously why aren't they allowed to be in charge of peoples common sense in the UK? I'd vote for them if I wasn't Irish :(