1UP previews Fracture

When LucasArts showed Fracture previously, one of the main complaints thrown at the game was that the main character, Jet Brody, looked generic and just like every other short-haired space marine. In the CES demonstration, the company revealed a new look for Brody -- a wider design with a new suit and more gadgetry exposed. He still looks generic, but his attire now fits in better with the game's overall weapons-of-the-future concept.

These costume changes weren't entirely cosmetic, though. Part of Brody's new suit is a gadget called The Entrencher, which allows players to raise and lower land in a controlled way without using any guns or grenades. The developers implemented this as a way to prevent players from getting stuck if they run out of ammunition, and it looks to provide a nice side benefit of allowing them to not waste ammunition on solving puzzles.

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lynx1halo3993d ago

LucasArts are using the whole landscape transformation as a gimmick......PLEASE TAKE A TIP FROM "RED FACTION" AND USE THIS FEATURE CORRECTLY