In Resident Evil 6, Even The Zombies Have Guns

Kotaku - While Resident Evil 4 is generally regarded as the highpoint of Capcom's survival horror series, it also represents the point at which the franchise began abandoning its nerve-fraying focus in favor of a more action-oriented experience.

Of course, if RE4 is the title that started alienating fans who prefer raised goosebumps to ratcheting body counts, then zombie frag-fest Resident Evil 5 is the entry that pretty much gave them the finger.

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Regent_of_the_Mask2351d ago

Yet another reason why this generic shooter will suck. RE is a dead franchise that won't be coming back (The REAL RE games were horror games).

Venox20082351d ago

RE: revelations was good enough and not only an action was there

haggishurler2351d ago

That game was a step a step in the direction fans of the series wanted This is expanding on everything fans disliked about resident evil 5.

IRetrouk2351d ago

To be honest it looks more like revelations than 5, I'm looking forward to it

IRetrouk2351d ago

Hold on, arnt you the one that keeps telling all the peps bitching about devil may cry to give it a chance? Hypocrite much?

ANIALATOR1362351d ago

I actually have more faith in the Silent Hill series to bounce back than this

Kyosuke_Sanada2351d ago (Edited 2351d ago )

Only one question......where's the Russians?

NYC_Gamer2351d ago

Zombies shouldn't have guns

Venox20082351d ago

will this be like a movie: Land of the dead ? :)

haggishurler2351d ago

This is nothing new they did in Resident evil 5 and it ruined a game that would have been enjoyable for me,playing co-op anyway, it was by far the worst feature due to the fact the enemies no longer run at you they run away and get in cover, which is inn my opinion the worst concept in a Horror game for a long time.

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