Stringer: Sony's challenge for 2008 - Take on software companies

CNET News Blog, January 7, 2008:

Speaking to reporters at CES, Sony CEO Howard Stringer said that the company's challenge this year is to "enter the battle against the software companies."

As his first example, Stringer said that Sony will expand the PlayStation Network, transforming it into a platform that also delivers video. Sony will announce changes to the PlayStation 3 in two months.

Stringer also said Sony is "getting into the rhythm of innovation," and will start coming out with more innovative products.

Additional footnotes include Stringer's reaction to rumors that the Blu-ray consortium paid money to Warner for exclusivity, Sony Ericsson's move in North America, the future of the Cell processor, and Sony's plan to take on the Wii.

[ CNET report by Michael Kanellos; story image: Wired ]

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Darkiewonder3970d ago

What. Then again. that must be The BD-Live and such.

pwnsause3970d ago

nah, profile 2.0 would release in at around fall or winter 2008, just like BD profile 1.1 released. I think when he means PS3 changes, I think he means changes to the PSN, PS Store (god I hope they make it console freindly, instead of a static webpage) and of course home.

Darkiewonder3970d ago

That's at GDC. ;o

I made my prediction about the PSN store for that time lol.

HarryEtTubMan3970d ago (Edited 3970d ago )

"Three years ago, we were not profitable in electronics. Now we are seriously profitable,"
and the PS3 and Blu Ray havent even begu to make them money..

One of the first examples of this strategy will be an expansion of the PlayStation Network. The network now is mostly used by gamers. Sony wants to turn it into a platform to deliver video, too. Sony will hold a press conference in two months to discuss changes to the PlayStation 3.

It is all coming very soon.. the waiting is almost over!!

hahahhaha power of green is flaming all by himself... can't handle all the GREAT AND FREAKING FANTASTIC PS3 news hahahahha. hahahahhaha.hahahahhahahaha.

pwnsause3970d ago

"those who wait, get more than what they ask for" -ME

power of Green 3970d ago

Show devs you can sell games or you're just wasting their time. If Devs can't make money they can careless about how Sony begs for attention. Wonder how many more games Epic will develope on PS3.

mighty_douche3970d ago

oh look, here he is in a PS3 thread again, i guess even 360 fanboys need some positive news.

power of Green 3970d ago

Got to get gamers to buy the PS3 not just DVD fanatics.

Although its probably too late the way this generation is and how much it costs to make games. PS3 gamers(the ones that do play games) are the most loyal fanatic fanboys the rest are not hardcore enough to sustain 3rd party support. PS3's demographic is fuced because of Blu-ray.

Naruto3970d ago

we dont even know how much UT3 sold worldwide

also so why did blue dragon BOMBED on the 360

bu bu but the attach rate

Cyrus3653970d ago

It's not released in europe or japan yet. Fact of the matter is, all PS3 games tend to sell better in europe than in North America. For the most part.

TrooGamer3970d ago

UTIII has only released in NA!

Please think before you post its not hard really.

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The story is too old to be commented.