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BuzzHut writes "Angry Birds Space has high expectations sitting upon its feathery shoulders, after all, the original Angry Birds has been downloaded over 12 millions times from Apple’s App Store and it’s follow-ups ‘Seasons’ and movie tie-in ‘Rio’ have also graced millions of mobile phones around the world...."

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sikbeta2414d ago

The Future of Gaming...


h311rais3r2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

How can you blame simple games for the downfall of hardcore games? There's still tons of hardcore titles coming out including many simulators... Not only that games like this have been around for years. And angry birds is a fun game despite how much you hate it in its unthreatening nature.

sikbeta2414d ago

You mad? take it easy brah, no one is hating on your birdies XD

gamernova2414d ago

This is how gaming originally started. I consider angry birds an arcade game. I also remember super mario world being like an arcade game. Donkey kong was too. This is the origin of gaming. Gaming has gotten complex as the years have gone by but it's good these games exist to relieve the stress some of the hardcore games bring.