Mass Effect 3 Ending - A Fundamental Flaw In Criticism

In defense of the Mass Effect 3 ending, Brad Tramel points out the fundamental flaw in players' criticism. He focuses on the assumption that all previous player choice will impact the end, as well as why an explicit, visual impact isn't necessary for an apt end to the series.

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beezyyy2411d ago

That was a really great argument, and not one I've seen yet. Good read.

joab7772411d ago

It's a great argument. I have stated elsewhere that choice was impactful to the journey and to the character and thus the the player. Choice was always part of the journey. I dont think people even had a problem with the choices at the end but the fact that they existed. They wanted the illusion that one of the choices would automatically occur based on previous choices...that and a lord of the rings conclusion to characters. I love the idea that everyone's journey is original because of choice but that the end is static. It reflects life. I love the idea that no matter the choice, x occurs. My only issue were a few obvious holes in the final minutes...and they allowed for wild speculation because of how sloppy it was. The biggest casualty is the game itself. It was phenomonal to say the least.

And go play the multiplayer. I'm not a big multi fan but if u love mass effect and the characters, u will love it.