Assassin's Creed DS Not Vaporware, But Still Mostly A Mystery

MTV Multiplayer's Stephen Totilo writes:

"On top of that, if GameStop is to be believed, there is an Assassin's Creed DS game coming out in less than a month."

"But the game was not listed in a recent Ubisoft e-mail promoting a press event for the company's upcoming titles. And I haven't seen previews for it anywhere. Uh-oh. I had started to think this game was vaporware, and nothing seemed to contradict that."

A Ubisoft rep told me today that the company has no announcements about the game at this time."

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SynGamer3969d ago

There's a petition out trying to bring Assassin's Creed to the PSP. It's a logical choice (PSP) considering the capabilities of the handheld compared to the DS. I just don't see this working if it is fully 3D.

eyeballpauluk3969d ago will be interesting to see what they change and what they make it it going to be viewed from above? will they try make it a first person view?

the one thing tho, it wont feel like assassins creed for me...the main point of that gaem is the game engine, and what it lets you do...all the smooth free flowing acrobatics etc etc

another one to keep an eye on to see if they accomplish a decent game on the DS with it...