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Submitted by fozzness 1404d ago | podcast

Should Square Let Another Developer Make A Final Fantasy Title? - Final Fantasy Union

GamingUnion: "Final Fantasy Union is back again to talk about all things FF, and this time around, we have an extra long show for you. This week, Darryl is joined by Colin and Lauren and they jump straight into the fray. Unfortunately, there isn't much news this week, but the gang spends a bit of time talking about Theatrhythm and its release date." (Final Fantasy Type-0, Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, PSP, Xbox 360)

jc48573  +   1404d ago
it wouldn't hurt
iamtehpwn  +   1404d ago
For a Mainstream Final Fantasy XV? It could potentially do a lot hurt. Especially in Japan, because I don't know if Western developers can nail the character design like Nomura and Amano have in the past.

But for a spin off game, or a new game in The Fabula Nova Crystallis Compilation, I think it couldn't hurt. I would love to see it happen but ONLY provided it wasn't a numbered iteration of Final Fantasy.
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jc48573  +   1404d ago
why Western developers? I thought we were talking about outsourcing to another jrpg developer.
iamtehpwn  +   1404d ago

hahaha, I immediately thought of Western Developers. But Well the title says "Another Developer" so that includes both Western and Japanese developers. But if you logically think about it, who would Square most likely license FF to considering their desired appeal to the Western Audience? I don't think they would just give it to just another Japanese developer.
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crxss  +   1404d ago
it would be smart if SE gave a spin-off Final Fantasy to a different developer but wrote the story and overlooked the project.

it would be absolutely retarded to give a main Final Fantasy game to another developer. SE has a certain style to their FF games that i typically enjoy. Versus XIII will be amazing, but after that it'd be smart if they give a spin-off to someone else so they can concentrate on their more important projects. i don't think many people care about Final Fantasy Type-0.
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dark-hollow  +   1404d ago
Just get rid of toriyama!
Megaman_nerd  +   1404d ago
I second that motion!

Burn him alive for this sacrilege, first FFX-2 then FF13 and he had to make things even worse with 13-2. I mean, he wrote the story of 3rd Birthday and look how he destroyed the Parasite Eve franchise in his first try and now he wants to do the same with FF. But FF is too big to die after a couple of bad games so there's still time, just get rid of him already! ;_;

He sucks as a director and he sucks even worse as a writer.
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Ranma1  +   1404d ago
They let Level 5 make Dragon Quest 8.

Because they know they cant make the good sh*t.

I have lost faith in SE to make a good FF game anymore, they dont know the ingredients for a good FF. I wont list them here. But you can check what i think they are here:
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mephman  +   1404d ago
They were trying it with GRiN, it just didn't work out.
Sevir  +   1404d ago
Right! Grin was working on a sequel to 12 and well
Square gave the game the chopping blocks! at this point I think The team at square needs new talent!!

Mercury steam should get a crack at FF given the success of Lord of Shadows!!!
RedDead  +   1404d ago
Lucretia  +   1404d ago
unless it stays with nomura Nooooooooooo!
dark-hollow  +   1404d ago
If only square-enix could get Hironobu Sakaguchi and numora on board for FFXV.

One can only dream...
fozzness  +   1404d ago
Definitely agree although I fear as though the two of them are burnt out from all the FF titles they did in the past.. If they do another one... I want it to be because they want to. *nodnod*
Eamon  +   1403d ago
A collab between Mistwalker and Square-Enix for Final Fantasy XV could actually revive the greatness the franchise was once known for.
BitbyDeath  +   1404d ago
Sure, how bout SquareSoft develops them from now on?
Minato-Namikaze  +   1404d ago
^^ THIS!!!
fozzness  +   1404d ago
Yea, I think ever since they became Enix it's gone down hill.. :(
Hawkhunter12  +   1404d ago
Squaresoft is dead folks. The Square and Enix merge, along with Sakaguchi leaving along with many other Square members, left Square-Enix into a company that will eventually rot away into who knows what.
mr_badhand  +   1404d ago
sure why not, every other company is lending their IP's out to other devs.

Wouldnt hurt to see a fresh take on a long running franchise.
Indigo123  +   1404d ago
Interesting question that depends on who

Are we going to let obsidian, bioware, or bethesda make it?


Are you going to let compile heart or capcom make it?

No again

So who would I fee comfortable with doing it......and doing it fascinatingly.......

Atlus japan's internal teams ( any one of them) I feel could be interesting........

Nintendos internal rpg teams, intellegent systems, nintendo japan, monolith, the mario and luigi team, game freak, ect

Nis japan, if they put there main disgaea team on it I think it could be great

Mistwalker of course could handle it........

namco bandai and any of there rpg teams could handle it ie tales, srw, and cyber connect ( they do work closely)

Level 5, already is proven with dragon quest, which is arguable the harder of the franchises to really do....

Other than that I would not feel comfortable
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Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1404d ago
No. Then I really don't think it could feel like an FF at all. Yea FF13 didn't really feel like FF all that much but I think the devlopers like Kitase learn and try to listen to fans. Look at 13-2, they attempted to fix a lot of the problems fans had. I think they should still handle it. If it leaves Square it shouldn't be called FF because FF is the only reason Square is around and it's their game and should never go anywhwere else.
Baka-akaB  +   1404d ago
No . The only team that could be good at it got their own projects and ips on their plate
MissAubrey  +   1404d ago
They should let MISTWALKER make it.. but yeah that would be funny if they did.
Ck1x  +   1403d ago
Only thing is Mistwalker wants nothing to do with the FF series at all! So that wouldn't work out well then
MattS  +   1404d ago
As long as it's not outsourced to a western developer, which all the Japanese publishers seem to like doing right now.
Indigo123  +   1404d ago
Capcom does not equal all...........

When dragon quest is developed by bioware, or ubisoft makes the next mainline mario, or obsidian does tales, or thq makes the next disgaea, or the next pokemon comes from gameloft, or the next shin megami comes from bethesda then get back to me
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MattS  +   1404d ago
Uh. Konami owns Silent Hill, not Capcom, and the last Silent Hill game was also outsourced.
Two_Sheds_Jackson  +   1404d ago
1 silent hill was outsources while 2 were done in were 6+ metal gears, 4 castlevanias, 2 suikodens and alot of other games.....

So basically konami let 1 percent of there games be done by the west which is what theyve done many gens......
Perjoss  +   1404d ago
Mistwalker did a great job on Lost Odyssey, maybe let them have a go at making a FF game!
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1404d ago
Well Sakaguchi owns Mistwalker and he also created FF so that's the only studio that I can think of that would actually make sense to let do the next FF.
Yangus  +   1404d ago

WHERE IS VERSUS???I wait 6 years!WHERE IS?
Capt-FuzzyPants  +   1404d ago
Do we really need to bring this up on every article. We're supposed to get news "soon" if that makes you feel any better.
-Gespenst-  +   1404d ago
I wonder what Sakaguchi would say if they commissioned Mistwalker to make one...

I think it's Toriyama that's bringing it down. Versus'll be better because Kazushige Nojima has greater input. It's a shame he didn't have as much control for XIII.

Daisuke Watanabe, Kazushige Nojima and Hironobu Sakaguchi are the recipe for a good Final Fantasy story. Then again X and X-2 were amazing without much input from Sakaguchi, so yeah, the first two would probably suffice. Motomu Toriyama's direction just needs some serious policing.
will_c_75  +   1404d ago
I was kind of actually thinking about this, fans scream for a FF VII remake all the time. Why not lego remake it. Clone Wars was actually a visual treat, and I think TT would do a perfect job. Plus the characters would retain their original blocky shape.
TheUnbiasedLion  +   1403d ago
I think they should go on a hiatus for a while, really take the time and look at where things are going wrong.
Fire a few obvious people ;)
And in 3 years time when things have settled from last few shit instalments realese the brand ff and bring back the magic that it once had.
jsslifelike  +   1398d ago
It's kinda funny that Monolithsoft and [supposedly, I don't know firsthand, yet] Mistwalker have brought the genre back into a bit of it's former mainstream glory. I thought XIII-2 was definitely a step in the right direction, but there's still a ways to go. Co-development between Western and Japanese houses is key to reviving the franchise.
JetP0619  +   1397d ago
Honestly just recruit more people like Nomura, Sakaguchi and Nobuo and Fire that dumbass Toriyama who cares nothing but himself and the money he's making off Crap FF. Bring back the old days!

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