Star Wars Battlefront 3, what happened?

It’s a well known fact that Star Wars Battlefront 3 has been in development hell. Every developer that has picked it up has been closed. Is it therefore a game still in limbo or is there a possibility that it could be coming out in the near future? - The Gamer Scene

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metsgaming2411d ago

expand it to what happened to lucasarts. Im not just talking about the kinect game either the entire generation they have be horrendous. Worst fall for a game company i can really think of they arent even trying.

StanSmith2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Lackluster Star wars games and Fracture. That is what LucasArts contributed to this gen.

With online being the big thing this Gen, Battlefront 3 would have been a massive hit. But it seems either LucasArts are completely stupid or just don't like money.

Hell, even a Rogue Squadron with online co-op would have been a winner!

GamerSciz2411d ago

At this point E3 would be the ideal place to show something. It's not that far off.

Jumper092411d ago

dancing with han solo is much more fun than playing a real star wars game than battlefront. yeah right LucasArts...

Tai_Kaliso2411d ago

Blame it all on Haze. Like that game didn't suck bad enough on its own, its also to blame for there being no SWBF3.

Its almost like that game is cursed or something. Haze does beyond bad, getting scores worst than Kinect Star Wars and it forced Free Radical to shut down when they almost had the game completed.

Then the game goes back to Pandemic, but Pandemic had to close because Lord Of The Rings Conquest flopped. Although I actually kind of liked that game, EA shut the servers down like 6 months after the games release.

Then we hear Slant Six is working on Battlefront Online, but they were hit with massive layoffs and ended up working on Operation Raccoon City, which is said to actually have some Battlefront Online code.

Fast forward to the rumors of Spark Unlimited working on a "sequel to a sci fi franchise". Everyone assumes its SWBF3, then today we get word they are making Lost Planet 3.

Confirmed that there will be no Star Wars Battlefront 3 this generation.

Tone2411d ago

I wish lucas arts would make a new xwing v tie fighter game or xwing alliance... seriously need a new space combat game!!

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The story is too old to be commented.