PlayStation.Blog: CES Day 1: LittleBigConvention - New Video

Jeff Rubenstein, Social Media Manager, writes on PlayStation.Blog:

"nIn the video below, Kyle Shubel walks us through some new 'Create' functions of the game. You may wanna pay special attention to an off-hand remark he makes towards the end of the video.

Watching Kyle build a tree from a few simple building blocks was really inspiring, and I know that once you gamers get your hands on the full game, we're going to see things even the designers never envisioned. Oh, and this made-for-internet video really doesn't come close to doing the game's visuals true justice, keep that in mind."

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HarryEtTubMan3995d ago

The User created content is gonna be madness. I'm so stoked\

Blademask3995d ago

Really cant wait for this one.

n_n3995d ago

my daughter is going ga-ga for this game... even more so than me.. hehe

mighty_douche3995d ago

I predict many and many of 10/10's.

DaTrooF3995d ago

I cant wait to see the reviews for this game.
if all goes well,this game can only suck if YOU

Reviewer:I give this game a 6/10.
DEVS:no,your imagination should get a 6/

chester3995d ago

the game i want most from any system in 2008. this game is the reason i bought a ps3.

Skerj3995d ago (Edited 3995d ago )

Can't see how anyone could watch that video and still slag the game. Any game that has cardboard birds gets my money. I hadn't seen that globe before either, it's going to be funny to see which area is geographically more creative *cough vancouver cough* :D

mighty_douche3995d ago


~Oh excuse me, lots of it going round at the minute.

Skerj3995d ago

Oooh that's a challenge cough!!

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The story is too old to be commented.