Destructoid - First hands-on with Hawken

Destructoid's Patrick Hancock writes, "If you're like me, as soon as you saw gameplay of the upcoming free-to-play PC mech game, Hawken, you not only wanted to play it -- you needed to play it. Everything just looks so right. I'm a huge proponent of playing a game before fully judging it and I'll say this up front: Hawken delivers."

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ATi_Elite2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

I don't need NO stinking hands on! I need HAWKEN on my SSD NOW!!!

*but thanks anyway*

Zha1tan2414d ago

It looks pretty good but i dont really like the design of the mechs, they look a bit chicken shaped and fragile.

I like my mechs to be a bit tougher looking kinda like armoured core even though this looks like it has better gameplay.