Crysis 3 Announcement incoming? Hints: Crytek teasing, GameReactor Cover and more

An announcement of Crysis 3 could be coming in the next days. Crytek is teasing an upcoming AAA project for the near future. And the next GameReactor Cover reveals some interesting motive just by adjusting contrast and brightness of the cover file. Check the story after the jump!

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aviator1892412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Awesome, if true. I enjoyed both crysis games so far.
But I think the game will be homefront 2.

Crazyglues2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Yeah it's Homefront 2 - THQ already announced this in one of their stock reports, that Crytek has been hard at work on Homefront 2 and they are hoping the game does well to try and help THQ's stock which is now under .50 cents.

Crysis 3 will be on the Nex Gen consoles PS4 and X720


hiredhelp2412d ago

I hope homefront 2 cos activision will definatly have something to worry about.

Shaman2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Its Crysis 3 or Crysis 2 expansion, look at pattern on top of the cover. Homefront has already been announced and Cevat said "We have Homefront, Ryse and the third yet to be announced spectacular game".

Laxman2412d ago

That was before the recent announcment of thier Free-to-play FPS game, which looks amazing.

ATi_Elite2412d ago

Maybe some Crysis 2 DLC "Crysis Warhead 2" Who Knows?

Homefront 2 is in the works along with Timesplitters 4 using DX11 for next Gen Consoles!

Crysis 3 PC should be made using the CryEngine 2 instead of 3 now that most low end PC's can run it!

Crysis PC is so gorgeous on Enthusiast settings!!

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shackdaddy2412d ago

Better not be in an urban setting again and if it is, it better be in the future and overgrown like crazy...

BitbyDeath2412d ago

Why? Didn't 2 just release?
These guys should just hold off until the next consoles.

Draperc2412d ago

It came out a year ago, so no it didn't just release.
Anyway, I don't think it's Crysis 3. My money's on Homefront 2, they did announce awhile back that they were gonna develop it.

R1CAN6172412d ago

Hoping its Homefront 2 but if it is Crysis 3 i hope its more like Crysis 1 with absolute freedom.

hiredhelp2412d ago

That be nice indeed ive played crysis,crysis warhead,crysis 2. Even thoe they were good games despite critics reviews crysis 2... I preferd crysis original as you rightly stated freedome more stealthy crysis 2 felt more full on action even thoe you had choice to choose I felt most the time i couldnt be too stealthy too long as no freedom.

RedDeadLB2411d ago

Crysis 1 wasn't with absolute freedom, neither was Warhead. It was just a different type of environment, larger in scale. You still couldn't go wherever you wanted to. But I agree to the context, I don't want another urban environment because it's too restrictive.

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The story is too old to be commented.