Regarding "Fake Geek Girls": Don't Let Others Define Who You Are

GP: "Tara Brown is a geek. All through her article in Forbes she makes this readily apparent. I'm glad she's a geek! I'm glad there are women as well as men involved in 'geek culture.' There always have been, but because of societal standards they have tended to not be well-known in the past. So, I'm happy to see that Brown ardently clings to a geek identity and attempts to change for no one. However, in her article she seems to be trying far too hard to keep out the new age of geeks."

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2414d ago
BattleTorn2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

"fake geek girls"...hmm, that's something new to me.

I have always had a thing for geeky girls.

Which, I suppose may explain why some girls may want to pose as one.

Ravenor2414d ago

It happens, a girl on my girlfriends Facebook was going on about how excited she was for Diablo 3. Like it was going to be the second coming for her, yet my girlfriend knew she wasn't anywhere near a PC in 2000.

Fake, Fake, Fake image hoes.

VanillaBear2414d ago

I would like to say how funny it is for the roles to be swapped this time....usualy it's the male stating the truthful rant about defining yourself as a gamer and speaking out against those who feel they are one because they play on Angry Birds or have played a few games here and there when they were again this is a nice surprize that this female gamer Tara actually gets that argument

"Yes, many of us may think that people who only play smartphone games aren't "real gamers" but there's no doubt that they are indeed playing a game. And if they decide to call themselves a gamer then so be it."

But it's true though, how can you say your a gamer like many of us on here who actually have a passion for it when a casual person just plays on a few games here and can't lable yourself as a gamer just becaue of that. The correct term is a person who plays on games to pass the time or for whatever secret agenda they have...not a gamer

I wouldn't want some casual person who's played on a few games in the PS1 games and buys some games here and there to pass the time to say there a gamer...LIKE ME, because there basicaly saying there my "level" of interest....I would know that they aren't by talking to them and as sad as it is, it would get me mad hearing them say that about themself when I know there not.

This applies to anything though

What about if you were an "artist" and someone you know paints a good one off picture and starts calling themselfs an would feel mad because you know that they don't give a crap to earn that title.

It's not just about playing the games that makes you a gamer it's about the passion and Knowledge of games that make you earn the Gamer title.

digitaleraser2414d ago

I'm a professional artist, and if someone called themselves an artist because they doodled wouldn't upset me. Because they are an artist, because everyone starts somewhere. Were you always a hardcore elite gamer? Or like many of us, did you start playing on the NES or SNES, "casual/kiddie" systems?

The more gamers the better. If we alienate the younger or more casual crowd, they'll never bother to become serious gamers, and then videogames will end up like comic books...a tiny niche market that appeals only to the hardcore, and is struggling to figure out how to get new people reading.

VanillaBear2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Sorry but a doodle dosen't count as art

So your saying someone who doodles a stickman is an starting off

I can count to 50 really fast outloud does that mean I'm a starting off mathematician /s

The gaming title isn't deserved to a casual gamer when all they do is play on crappy casual titles to pass the time and have no real interest in the gaming industry....disagree all you want but they just don't.....playing on a few games here and there DOES NOT make your a gamer.

I find it funny how I said roughly the same thing in another article and I didn't get one disagree.

Stay classy N4G

digitaleraser2414d ago

"So your saying someone who doodles a stickman is an starting off"

I'd call the author of XKCD an artist, sure.

specialguest2414d ago

It's this kind of elitist attitude that makes some gamers not want to be considered a "gamer". This sort of attitude exist within the music, film, art, and other genres which I despise a lot.

When you make the term gamer into a status label, you start to alienate people who you consider "outsiders". One who truly loves his hobby or craft would never deny others of wanting to be apart of it just because they're new and naturally inexperience or uneducated about it.

Your issue seems to be some form of insecurity.

VanillaBear2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

insecurity......oh please

It's purley because theres so many people that bullsh*t about being one that it gets annoying at the end of the day.

Why should I let something people actually enjoy share the same term as someone who dosen't give a crap about this "hobby". It dosen't make sense how you can defend's not right.

"One who truly loves his hobby or craft would never deny others of wanting to be apart of it just because they're new and naturally inexperience or uneducated about it."

But the casual crowd hardly give a crap about gaming, people just use it as a social gimmick now because they think it's cool thing to say they enjoy doing. It's not about if they are uneducated about it....if you know for a fact just by speaking to them they have no idea whaty they are going on about and don't care about games then there not really a gamer. There just a average person using the gaming term to futher there social goal....thats all

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