Mark Of The Ninja Screen Shots, Info and & Game Play

T-Hill writes: Now every console has that title that makes you want to go out and buy the console and it looks like 360 finally found mine. I’m a huge fan of Klei Entertainment and when I found out that Mark of the Ninja was being published by Microsoft it sealed the deal for me.

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Dante1122415d ago

This game looks like fun. Can't wait to give it a go.

Jourdy2882415d ago

Whoa. Looks kinda bloody, lol.

TheSuperior 2415d ago

Looks good, cant wait to try this game out. Trailers and screens always pump me up for new titles

Regent_of_the_Mask2415d ago

Shank 2.5 is what this looks like. That's enough for me to avoid it.

Raider692415d ago

Your comments are always ass lol.Go play your casual stuff.

fei-hung2415d ago

Looks awesome. If it is anything like Shank or Splatterhouse or Viewtiful Joe, the game should rock!