Resident Evil 6 Get’s Major Update

T-Hill writes: Since the last trailer RE 6 has gone silent which is good because now it’s time for a lot of good info to get dropped on the fans.

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Dante1122438d ago

Wesker Jr? Sherry coming out of left field after being nonexistent for 5 years (past RE games)? Only parts that threw me, but I'm still gonna keep an eye on RE6.

crxss2438d ago (Edited 2438d ago )

the narrative looks interesting for sure. it was obvious that the 3 different stories (Leon, Chris, Wesker Jr) would ultimately wind up at the same place in the end, but we weren't sure how. what i dislike is how Capcom always spoils story in their trailers for RE... and the game's not even that close to coming out!

guessing it'll be co-op the entire way through, just with different characters. at least it'll be better than re5's co-op which was stale with only 2 characters and IMO hurt the narrative.

WeskerChildReborned2438d ago

Wesker Jr? i just hope that it's actually Alex Wesker.

TheSuperior 2438d ago

i Love RE so im super excited for RE6 :)