Can Robots Be Trusted?

Ethan Moses tries to find hope in video game robot examples that humanity can coexist with our potential overlords.

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camel_toad2413d ago

No, its a well known fact that they will turn us into human batteries. Theres a good documentary about it called The Matrix.

dark_kvlt2413d ago

I heard that's actually a true story

Hicken2413d ago

A robot, in the purest sense, can't perform outside of its programming. As such, we can trust a robot to do its given function.

However, the more complicated those functions become, and the more exceptions and conflicting situations are presented, the less predictable(and thus, less reliable) their actions become. If given the ability to grow and learn on their own- if given free will- then they will be as trustworthy as any human at the same stage of development.

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madjedi2413d ago (Edited 2413d ago )

Really no binary domain(ps3/360/pc), look it up, has more substance than terminator and their cookie cutter type wipeout humanity theme.

I guess i am the fool for thinking, the article would be a little more cerebral than a top ten article. Shouldn't glados and the annoying robot from portal 2 be better candidates/examples.