Super Mario 4 Domain Registered

The domain name for Super Mario 4 has been registered, leading many to believe the name is being reserved for the upcoming 2D Mario for the Nintendo 3DS.

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DrPepper2438d ago

this sounds pretty interesting. i would love an actual 2d super mario bros. 4

come_at_me_bro2437d ago

Yeah, if this is real I really hope it's sprite based. The New Super Mario games have no character.

Instigator2437d ago

I would love a return to the style of Super Mario World, upgraded to the standards of whatever console it'd be on. The NSMB one is good enough, but they shouldn't abandon the sprites completely.

dark-hollow2437d ago

A sequel to the original Mario bros trilogy?
yes please!

Afterlife2437d ago (Edited 2437d ago )

"...Mario Party 3DS, Mario Party 11, and Mario Party 12 have all been taken by someone other than Nintendo"

Why be a d*?

--Onilink--2437d ago

they can still take them back, just as activision did with the modernwarfare site. Its obvious that people who do this arent actually going to do anything with those domains

eagle212437d ago

I agree dark-hollow, a sequel to the original mario trilogy with SMW elements (such as the cape).

PopRocks3592437d ago

Super Mario 4...

Just don't kill the physics Nintendo. Learn from Sonic Team's mistake. :)

gumgum992437d ago

Sonic team didn't do Sonic 4, Dimps are the ones who dun goofed on the physics. It's sad because knowing nintendo, they'll hit this one right out of the park. They don't have to worry about a separate dev who may or may not get what made the classic Mario games so great. Hope it's as good as yoshi's island though. ^-^

frequentcontributor2437d ago

I guess I thought Nintendo was implying a NSMB-type game as the new 2d 3ds game, but if this name ends u being correct, perhaps it'll actually be an old school, sprite-based title. Interesting.