New Max Payne 3 Screens and 360-Degree Shotgun Renders

RockStar Games has just released new screens for the upcoming title, Max Payne 3. 360 renders of the games shotguns have also been released!

From RockStar Games:

Previously we debuted our latest Weapons video featuring the brutal force of the shotguns in Max Payne 3. Today, we present the full-on Shotgun weapons feature at the Max Payne 3 official website.

The no-nonsense efficiency of the shotguns can drop an enemy in one clean hit - from the semi-automatic two-handed Super Sport with its gas-reloading mechanism for breathtaking fire, to the dual-wield-able Sawn-Off which can double the damage.

Check out the Weapons widget above and at the feature page at 3/weapons/shotguns - complete with spinnable 360-degree renders of the M4 Super 90 and a selection of new screens.

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AzaziL2410d ago

Wow, they actually modeled the shotgun parts individually and put them together like the real thing, *mind blown*.