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Well, two out of three ain't bad.

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MySwordIsHeavenly2414d ago

People always hate DMC2. It's a very fun game. I still don't understand the hate. Sure, the story was crap...but the gameplay was greatly improved from the first game. Love it!

rezzah2414d ago

Its just the majority agreement over the minority.

You being part of that minority while I'm part of hte majority.

No that doesn't make the majority right, just more likely to be followed.

Is it the person or the object? Maybe a bit of both.

rezzah2414d ago

There are levels to liking or disliking something.

I don't hate the game, I only dislike it in comparison to the other DMC games.

Also the the back of the case lied to me when I bought the game at released (original version). It said a "more badass talking Dante", yet he barely said anything in the whole story. I don't just pay attention to gameplay, as it appears you do (your first comment), I pay attention to everything.

^ This and other reasons that made it appear lacking in comparison to DMC1 made the game terrible.

DMC3 turned out to be better than DMC1, so it was obvious that it is better than DMC2.

TheDCD2413d ago

It just doesn't feel like a proper fit, is all.